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Anyone, anywhere can now train with me, David (DJ) Jones, known around the world as The Shot Doctor, as his or her very own trainer, thanks to my Virtual Pro Training Program. This is not a one-size-fit-all virtual program. I customize training to each individual player’s needs.

It is my hope that, together, we build a pro training relationship around your success, on and off the court.

How DJ Virtual Pro Training works:

  • All you need is a recording device such as an iPhone or iPad, a tripod (or someone who can video tape your skills), and online access.
  • Through a custom designed program that includes video transfers and exchanges, discussion boards, and supplemental video drills and exercises, you can connect and train one-on-one with me, virtually, from the comfort of your own home, backyard, neighborhood park, or local gym.
  • We talk about your challenges, concerns, and areas where you’d like to see marked skill and / or game improvement. I review video of your skills and / or game play. I study the film. I study you. Together we identify problems and solutions, via video.
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