Elite Basketball Training

David “DJ” Jones is a former professional basketball player, who today, still holds international records for his 3-point shot and points scored per game. In 13 years playing pro ball, DJ obtained:

  • high precision shooting with a 75%+ field goal percentage
  • 92%+ free throw percentage
  • 50 plus points per game in six games

In 2002, DJ opened the doors to training professional and elite players and quickly entered the national conversation when Jermey Lin, came to him with a broken jumper. DJ’s ability to “fix” Lin’s shot and help catapult him into the NBA, earned DJ the nickname, “The Shot Doctor.” In his 13+ years as a pro trainer, Jones has been fortunate to train pro and elite players all over the world. Players turn to DJ to pull them out of shooting slump, to prepare them for the NBA draft, to nab that college scholarship, and, to continuously compete at the highest level.

Noteworthy References:

“DJ has this unique ability to diagnose all that’s right and wrong with your shot, in seconds, and makes the necessary adjustments to fix what’s broken and make what’s already good – great.” ~ Tim Ohlbrecht

“David has an extensive background as a player and working with male and female players in player development, especially with shooting”~ San Antonio Silver Stars Basketball Coach Dan Hughes

“He is the shot doctor who helped cure Lin’s jumper” ~ Mike Monroe, San Antonio Express News

“If I wanted to play in the NBA, I would move heaven and earth to train with (DJ). He’d be my ticket to the NBA” – Douglas Lee, California Rec Player


About Pro Training

David Jones’ Pro Training is designed to focus on concrete fundamentals imperative for the elite player: finessing the shooting technique, mastering ball handling, boosting court awareness. The elite player will train alongside DJ two, 2-hour sessions, 7 days a week at a facility in San Antonio, Texas. This full immersion experience is designed to push those serious about achieving results. Upon request, DJ can travel to you to provide the training, or, train virtually with a player using the most advanced sports technology.

Pro training is for the serious athlete looking to elevate his or her game at the high school, college, and professional levels (International, NBDL, NBA)

Let’s Draft A Game Plan Now

Learn Proper Technique

Get a consistent shot

Be a real star player

Help your team own the court

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